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13 September 2002 Haddon Heights -

Radiotechniques Manufacturing, LLC announces the launch of its newest product, Point Manager, version1.0. Point Manager is a Personal Digital Assistant program that manages the measurement of AM Broadcasting Station directional antenna monitor points.

The program uses a Palm PDA with a GPS to navigate to each monitoring point, enter and check the measurement data against licensed values, date and time stamp the data, and provide for data management and transfer to a PC database for analysis and tracking. Monitoring the directional antenna monitor points of AM Radio Stations can be a daunting task particularly when there are several stations to be monitored in one market.

The program, together with either the Handspring Visor series or the Palm m500 series and the Magellan G.P.S. Companion makes an integrated system. The program will also work on other PDA models using the Palm Operating System and other GPS units with NMEA outputs, but the PDA and GPS are connected with a cable instead of fitting together in one convenient unit. Point Manager will help the operator to navigate to the station's monitoring points using the GPS and will record, check and manage the field strength reading data.

Radiotechniques is offering a free demonstration version that will allow the user to record and manage data for one AM radio station. The full version can manage any number of stations and provides complete database management using the included HanDBase Pro database manager. HanDBase Pro is a full fledged database manager that can format data for transfer to popular PC based database or spreadsheet programs. Station and monitor point location data can be beamed from one PDA to another in the full version so different operators can share the point location information.

The full version of Point Monitor, including HanDBase Pro sells for $250. Complete packages include the software, a Magellan GPS Companion and a Handspring Visor Pro or Palm Pilot m500 series range in price from $574 to $818 plus shipping and handling, depending on the model of PDA and GPS. When sold in a package the software is fully installed and the first station data entered.

Radiotechniques has been providing consulting engineering services to radio broadcasters for the past twenty-three years, preparing FCC applications for hundreds of new stations and major improvements, as well as providing field assistance in building and maintaining stations. Point Manager is the first in a series of products for improving Medium Wave and Short Wave AM and Digital Broadcasting antennas and antenna maintenance.

For further information contact: Ted Schober, PE 856-546-8008 ext 301.

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