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Radiotechniques began in Ted Schober's living room in 1979. From the beginning, it was about radio engineering. The first project was constructing WDST, in legendary Woodstock, NY, which won the Broadcast Engineering magazine "Small Market Station of the Year" award in 1980. Radiotechniques has always focused upon optimization of broadcast and other radio facilities to match coverage and market.

Over the years Radiotechniques has helped hundreds of radio owners to improve their facilies - from antenna optimizations and power increases to major market "move ins" as well as new stations. Always aggressive, Radiotechniques has found ways to improve stations where others have found nothing.

Radiotechniques has provided a full range of broadcast consulting engineering services. FCC Applications, station design, antenna optimization, and field engineering have been the staple of the organization with some forays into equipment design of RF products for manufacturers. Radiotechniques Engineering holds a New Jersey "Certification of Authorization" to conduct professional engineering activities.

Recently, Radiotechniques has teamed with G. H. Krauss Manufacturing Company to manufacture antenna tuning and phasing equipment for AM radio stations, along with related other products.

Radiotechniques introduces its first software product, Point Manager, to allow station engineers to manage required AM monitor point data using a Personal Digital Assistant, such as a Palm Pilot™ or Treo™with a connected GPS receiver. With Point Managerthere is no uncertainty of monitor point locaton. Point Manager is available for free download of a one station version on this site, upgradible by purchase to as many stations as permitted by memory.

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