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Radiotechniques began as a Radio station construction company in 1979 with the contract to construct WDST, Woodstock, New York. This station was unique, in that as a class A Commercial FM station in the legendary artists colony of Woodstock, its studios included a complete recording studio as well as the conventional air, news and production rooms. It was here that Ted Schober, the company founder and principal, developed a strong and lasting friendship with Peter Moncure (now president of Radiosoft) who was the WDST station engineer at that time.

The company went on to prepare FCC applications for radio stations, operating out of Ted Schober's living room for several years, as well as installing and tuning many AM and FM antenna systems.

Some ventures into equipment design followed. Radiotechniques designed the RF portion of an aircraft navigation receiver for EDO Aire, now part of ITT. PA Technology, an international consultancy contracted Radiotechniques to design a cordless telephone, along with other design projects. Other ventures into product design included a data FM SCA receiver and encoder for stock quotes.

Radiotechniques also developed an FM band In-Band Adjacent Channel digital broadcasting system, the ADR-2000 system. The ADR-2000 system did not prevail against HD Radio largely due to lack of follow on financing.

Radiotechniques has helped hundreds of radio stations to improve coverage, correct deficiencies or better align with their markets. Radiotechniques has a strong reputation for aggressiveness in maximizing coverage of stations, sometimes taking what might be considered radical steps to achieve optimal service.

WWJZ, Mount Holly, NJ is an example in point. The WWJZ transmission system was designed entirely by Radiotechniques. New Jersey's only 50 kW AM staton, uses a novel elevated ground system to avoid environmental impacts and improve antenna efficiency. The station performs as though it operates at over 70 kW.

Radiotechniques has also developed ferrite transformers for matching low impedance AM towers with high efficiency and improved bandwidth, an enhanced toploading system for AM towers, an AM field intensity measurement system that permits measurement of station field strength in the presence of interfering signals, and FM instrumentation systems to allow adjustments to decrease the effect of multipath interference.

As Radiotechniques approaches its thirtieth year of practice, a new venture into broadcast RF equipment manufacturing promises to bring solutions to problems that broadcasters have struggled with for years.

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